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A new innovation for golf lovers that possibly might have been or are into their skateboarding, can now try the Golfboard! Powered by a   lithium-ion battery that is environmentally friendly the Golfboard is simple to use and defiantly adds a new and exciting edge to traveling between holes of golf.

It looks like a cross between and skateboard and a mobility scooter for the old age but certainly looks like fun. The Golfboard uses a 4 Wheel drive posi-traction drive train, which is positioned at each end of the board and supplies each wheel with an even amount of power. This system allows a smooth ride even on the steeper parts of the course and with special “turf tiers” there is no chance of damage to the fairways.

The Golfboard has won PGA best new product 2014 as well as GolfDigest New age category 2016.

The Golfboard has many advantages for players and clubs alike, for starters any club that embraces the Golfboard is certainly going to find interest for the current members and most likely find quite a bit of new interest when the word spreads around town.

The Golfboard increases the rate of play (according to the manufacture) because of its swift and fun action. Although that said I can imagine some golfers getting lost in the fun of just cruising around the fairways rather than actually playing golf. In this scenario the rate of play could well slow down!

The use of Golfboard instead of golf carts apparently reduces wear and tear of the course because lighter weight and incorporated 4WD system and the vehicle itself requires less maintenance than a classic golf cart.

All in all it looks like a very exciting and fun way of traversing the golf course.

Check it out here and also check out its famous sponsor Laird Hamilton “rip up”, sorry “ride” the fairways.

Lets see if it takes off!?

Golfboard video with Laird Hamilton